the Team

Our team is made up of three instructional design and technology students at the University of Memphis. Each team member resides in a separate state hence the team name "Tri-State eDesigns".   

Each team member brings a unique set of skills to the team that will contribute to the overall goal of this project, and that is to create a product that will help our client solve their instructional needs.

Our team members are listed below and we encourage you to click on each member's name to see a full biography on their individual website. This will also allow you to read about their experiences as this project progresses.
Lead Instructional Designer
& Graphic Designer

Angela is a doctoral student in Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Memphis. She is the Teacher Effectiveness Coordinator for Tipton County Schools. She analyzes professional development needs and organizes and conducts staff development for the district.

Angela has worked with online learning (e4TN), beginning and preservice teachers at the University of Memphis and has taught visual arts in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Her professional interests include teacher education, teacher support systems, and technology integration. Her personal interests include visual arts technologies and creativity.

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Danita Gibson
Project Manager

Danita is a doctoral student in Instructional Design at Technology at the University of Memphis.  She teaches 9th grade Algebra at Greene County Tech Jr. High in Paragould AR.  Course preps are Algebra I and Algebra I Part B  In November 2007, she received her National Board Teacher Certification in Mathematics.
Danita is also the Jr. High liason for the districts on-line classroom management software and is the Jr. High technology representative on the districts technology committee.  
Her professional interests are teacher education, technology professional development, and technology integration.

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Lead Developer

Kris King
Kris is a doctoral student in Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Memphis. He also teaches at Grenada High School in Grenada, Ms as a STEM Applications Instructor.

Kris also works with student athletes in tutoring roles, athletic academic advisor, while providing guidance for athletic eligibility.  

Other responsibilities include overseeing the Online Credit Recovery program for students who fail to meet required objectives during the school year. The online distance learning program is now growing to include home-bound students to prevent students from falling behind in coursework.

Career interests include distance learning, eLearning, and continuing learning.