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On this page you will find useful tips that are specific to the DeLorean.  If you have additional questions about a specific problem you may have, you can email us by clicking on the Contact Us page and one of our club members will respond to you.

Tri-State DeLorean 2017 Feb. Meeting

DeLorean Door Light Wiring

DeLorean 11035 Ghost Sticker

DeLorean Cruise Control

Dec. 2016 Meeting

DeLorean Trip VA to PA & Back

DeLorean Door Buzzer Upgrade

DeLorean 3236

DeLoreans and Coffee

DeLorean Oil Wrench

DeLorean Graining

DeLorean Door Glass Horizontal Adjustment

Happy 2017

Dec. 2016 Post-Meeting Cruise

DeLorean Door Window Fix

DeLorean 11035

Door Lights...Off I Say!

DeLorean Brake Fluid Bag

DeLorean Emergency Brake Adjustment