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Caspar ten Dam, MA Political Science, PhD researcher 

Date of birth: 16 November 1967

Home address: Ververstraat 27 E

2312 LR Leiden, the Netherlands 

Mob.: 06 – 3609 2780


Bank account: NL31 INGB 000 4304613

Affiliation address:
Faculty of Humanities, University of Leiden
The Institute for History, General History section

Research theme Political Culture and National Identities
Room 2.73

P.O Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, the Netherlands

http://www.academia.edu (profile & publications)

http://www.ethnogeopolitics.org (co-founder & co-editor of our journal)

Emails: caspartendam@googlemail.com, c.t.ten.dam@umail.leidenuniv.nl



36th version, 30 September 2014
From October 1st 2014 onwards, relevant and up-to-date information about my expertise, background (CV), projects and publications can best be found at the new website of my new company focused on research, analytical advise and translations, CTDam Consultancy: http://www.ctdamconsultancy.com. CTDam Consultancy is effectively the successor of TristanSolutions. The latter's site will be maintained for the foreseaable future, if only because many people know this site - and because it has been mentioned as a source (of reference) in some of my publications.
Caspar ten Dam
Leiden, 30 September 2014
Mission statement
Tristan Solutions is a one-man consultancy, in which I offer independent political analysis and advice on matters ranging from dealing with potential and actual (armed) conflicts to lobby strategies and activities for humanitarian organisations. Other experts are welcome to join this pending bureau or company and help it flourish and grow.
I am specialised in conflict and terrorism studies, humanitarian intervention and conflict resolution, (im)migration issues and political developments in (Central) Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the former Soviet Union. At this stage I am available for:
  • Speaking at fora and other conferences (at least travel compensation; preferably covering accommodation costs when required)
  • Guest lectures (at least travel compensation; minimum standard fee from 75 Euros per lecture) and (temporary) lecture or teaching assignments

    Summarising and interpreting confidential or public materials, literatures and reports (preferably paid per hour or by lump sum)
  • Writing confidential or public reports (ibid)
  • Proofreading, editing and/or translating manuscripts (from English to Dutch or vice versa)
  • Planning, initiating, leading, working and/or collaborating in research and/or policy projects for academia, governmental and nongovernmental organisations, and businesses (preferably a fixed salary for long-term projects)

  • Providing risk analyses of (investing in) countries and regions for businesses or other organisations (ibid)
Formal status and financial account for Tristan Solutions will be set up eventually. In the meantime I use my private bank account (see address above). From 2002 till 2006 I was actively available as a freelance researcher at my father's TenDam Management Consultancy (originally http://www.damconsult.nl; then www.damconsult.com; now www.hanstendam.blogspot.com), but since then our activities have separated, each focusing on one's own expertise. 
See the other pages ('Sitemap') for my Curriculum Vitae (CV) and examples of my work available on www.damconsult.nl until late 2008.


NB: the abovementioned tasks and activities I am willing to carry out through the Association for the Study of EthnoGeoPolitics (EGP), which I formally co-founded with dr. Babak Rezvani and drs. Servet Sahin in September 2011.
The first issues of the association's journal, Forum of Ethnogeopolitics (vol.1 2013) are available and downloadable at the page 'Ethnogeopolitics: association and journal'.


Main work experience
As a conflict analyst I worked for the Interdisciplinary Research Program on Root Causes of Human Rights Violations (PIOOM) at University of Leiden from 1998 till 2002; I am a freelance researcher since then. In 1999-2000 I wrote a confidential report on the Kosova Liberation Army for the United Nations (see Curriculum Vitae).
Since 2005 I have been engaged in partially funded PhD research on ‘Ways to Rebel: Testing a theory of Brutalisation on the Chechen and Albanian insurgents 1979-2001’. I expect to receive my PhD at the School of History of Leiden University for my 'How to Feud and Rebel' Series based on this research, currently being published in the peer-reviewed journal Iran and the Caucasus (Brill). See for more details the 'How to Feud and Rebel' and 'Brutalisation theory' pages at the sitemap.