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Some influences on my thought and values
First Row      - left to right: Eric Aarons, Peter Beilharz, Eduard Bernstein
Second Row - left to right: Mikhail Gorbachev, Antonio Gramsci, Jurgen Habermas
Third Row     - left to right: John Maynard Keynes, Julius Martov, Karl Marx
Fourth Row   - left to right: Nicos Poulantzas, John Quiggin, Catherine Samary
Fifth Row        - Nordic reformers: Rudolf Meidner, Olaf Palme,
And also - for providing me with a wealth
of ideas and analysis from his columns in 'The Age',
and from 'Dissent Magazine':
Ken Davidson: columnist for 'The Age' and Editor of Dissent Magazine (Australia):

Also - Finally - below: a Tribute to Jean Jaures - who lost his life fighting against war


About Tristan Ewins and his work
Left Focus
This is the personal webpage of Tristan Ewins: an Australian based freelance writer. included are links to much of Tristan's work from over the past 10 years.
To begin with, Tristan moderates the progressive blog 'Left Focus'. 
Tristan is always looking for new progressive contributors for this blog - and enquiries are welcome.
Interested people are also welcome to join the Facebook support group for the Left Focus blog.
Other areas of interest
Tristan's areas of expertise include Australian and world politics, social theory, education, history, and computer gaming for PC.  
He considers himself a liberal, and also a socialist, but has also referred to himself as a left social democrat.  He says such - conscious that there was once a time when 'social democracy' and 'socialism' were synonymous.
Furthermore, Tristan is a long-time member of the Australian Labor Party - specifically its Socialist Left wing. He is also involved in the Australian Fabian Society.
Tristan has worked for many publications - including a stint freelancing for 'The Canberra Times': the daily broadsheet of the Australian Capital.
Tristan is interested in offers of part-time or casual work writing in areas of his proficiency. (see below)
He is also  eager to 'branch out' to review and preview PC games - especially CRPGs, MMOs, turn-based strategy, and real-time strategy...   
See here for an example of his interest in computer gaming:
Tristan can be contacted here:
Academic background: Tristan's academic background includes a BA (1st class Honours) in Sociology, Grad Dip Ed (social studies and English teaching methods), and three additional High Distinctions in English Literature..
Writing History
nb: some articles reached via the links below are repeated in different areas on the web. The links below lead to a significant variety of Tristan's work. In some instances, though, (eg: The Canberra Times), the archives are not online....
Note re: The Canberra Times:  Tristan would like to thank Jennifer Moran - the former editor of the "Panorama' section of the 'Canberra Times' for giving him vital experience writing for the Australian capital's broadsheet flagship during 2002-2003.
On Line Opinion - Tristan has been writing for On Line Opinion since 2002, and his page there is the most significant collection of his work online.  He would like to thank Susan Prior and Graham Young (the editors)  for giving him the opportunity to write.
Centre for Policy Development - Tristan has also written a number of policy papers for this progressive Australian thinktank:
Evatt Foundation - Two feature articles of Tristan's have appeared on this website of the Australian Labor thinktank:
Leftwrites:  Tristan has been a regular contributor to the progressive Australian blog 'Leftwrites':
Labor Tribune: Tristan has written for this radical journal of the Australian labour movement - edited by Labor activist, Marcus Strom:
Znet and SleptOn-  Tristan has had many articles published at these two radical web-journals and networks.  His work there includes progressive political economy, political and social theory, international affairs and more.
Amazon book reviews: many of Tristan's book reviews appear on Amazon
Chapter published in 'Labor Essays 2004 - The Vocal Citizen': 'Citizenship Education in Australia: Beyond Consensus' 

This was a landmark in Tristan's ideas reagarding civics and citizenship education
Other notable publications:   Tristan has been published widely elsewhere - but unfortunately not all this material is available online yet.  Other examples include:
Agora magazine (Australian History teacher's journal), Arena Magazine (Melbourne-based radical magaziine), , Australian Options, Australian Socialist, Australian Rationalist, Online Journal, 'Shout! Monthly, Third World Resurgence, Crosscurrents,

Examples include:
Shout! Monthly - Tristan would also like to thank Charmaine Stanley - former editor of 'Shout Monthly' - an independent political journal which he wrote for during the years 2000-2003.. Shout! is not online anymore - but this opportunity gave Tristan experience and confidence - so again he says 'thanks'.
'Policies for the Future' - a policy paper which Tristan wrote for the Macklin Australian Labor Party policy review - in 2002:  (over 15,000 words)
Other Websites you may like to visit:
Anthony Loewenstein is an Australian Jewish author who has critical perspectives on Zionism, 'the blogging revolution' - and many things besides...
Australian Broad Left Network is a news and discussion group for the Australian Left.
Australian Fabian Society -  Australia's oldest left-of-centre political think tank
Eureka Street is a progressive Jesuit journal based in Australia
GetUp! is a grassroots Australian political action group with hundreds of thousands of members.... is perhaps the most comprehensive archive of Marxist material on the web...
Larvatus Prodeo -"an Australian group blog which discusses politics, sociology, culture, life, religion and science from a left of centre perspective."
John Quiggin's Blog - 
"Commentary on Australian & world events from a social-democratic perspective"
OzLeft is blog run by veteran Australian leftists Bob Gould, and Ed Lewis:
Andrew Scott: RMIT Website:  Andrew is a Poltical Scientist - and expert on Australian politics - especially labour movement politics; and Nordic social democracy...  I recommend his work to those interested in those fields...
The SEARCH Foundation - a social research and activism group formed with the proceeds of the dissolved Communist Party of Australia.  SEARCH now accomodates a variety of radical perspectives on the Australian Left.  Also: SEARCH is running a series of Roundtables on Left Renewal this year (2009).  Explore the site for more details...
'En Passant' - Blog of Australian Marxist and revolutionary writer and activist, John Passant
Chris White online - website of Australian labour movement thinker, Chris White:
Catherine Samary's  'Yugoslavia Dismembered'  - a heart-felt and searching analysis of Yugoslavia's destruction - and a rejection of ethnic hatred and division
 More Coming soon......