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Tuesday May 11th 7pm

posted May 11, 2010, 6:21 PM by Sean Molby   [ updated May 11, 2010, 7:34 PM ]

Tristan has had a long day, he had a procedure done called a Heart Catheterization, this process is completed thru the veins, and is used to equalize the pressures between both sides of his heart, thus improving blood flow and o2 saturation levels. They were having trouble finding a good location for his I.V. this morning, and the little guy was stuck six times. The procedure went relatively well, the doctor showed us pictures, actually video clips of his heart working and before and after the Catheterization. This was really cool, technology is really something. He was also able to confirm the correct flow of blood to his lungs, and the stent that was installed with the hybrid procedure. So all is good there, when we were finally able to see him post surgery, his color was pale and he did not look good. Before surgery he was a nice pink color, the way a baby should look (this is uncommon for a hybrid baby), and after surgery a pale white/blue color. For mom and I this was cause for alarm. Through out the course of the day Tristan’s oxygen have been consistently low, his color has slightly improved from this morning, and they are concerned that his hemoglobin levels could be low. Apparently during recovery, he lost some blood and there is a concern that this could be affecting his Hg levels. So back to the needle, the first vile that was pulled sat on the counter too long and clotted, Tristan does not like needles, this stresses him out and in turn stresses myself and mommy out. The second vile that was pulled was hand carried down to the lab, handed over and guess what; IT CLOTTED. So right now we are discussing whether to let them pull it again or go for an I.V. access, that way Tristan won't have to keep getting stuck. If his Hg levels are low he will have to get an I.V. anyway for a blood transfusion. Thank you all for praying for Tristan, we have people all over the world praying and I have to believe that its working, Their have been several nurses that have commented " we have got the wrong baby, he had a HYBRID?"  Basing their statement on his color. So please continue praying for little Tristan Drake Molby, hopefully we will be able to come home soon, to be continued......