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Sunday August 29th 2010

posted Aug 29, 2010, 8:51 AM by Sean Molby   [ updated Aug 29, 2010, 10:12 AM ]

Not much has changed here, Tristan is going thru the weaning process, and doing well. He had a minor setback last night; the ventilator tube that was inserted nasally developed an air leak due to all decreased swelling, and had to be changed out. This is kind of a catch 22, meaning that we want the swelling to go down and knew that this would happen, however during the re-intubation period he did not do so well. His stats were all over the board, they had to heavily sedate to calm him back down, and could not get the breathing tube back in nasally, this had to be inserted orally with an adjustable cuff. All is well now, probably a 12hour setback on his weaning process.

This morning they manually suctioned out Tristan’s lungs and with great progress, have removed a lot of mucus!!! This should help his O2 saturation considerably and maybe speed the weaning process. Here are some of the details that we have been working thru.


·        Urine output has been good over the past three days

·        Still chasing his potassium levels

·        Weaning off the nitric oxide; slowly. Yesterday he came down from 8ppm to 2.9ppm.

·        Chest x-ray scheduled for later on today, they may attempt another IPV (Breathing treatment to pop open lung) this afternoon.

·        Capped his pacer wires. During surgery they installed wires for an external pacemaker, should it be needed incase of an emergency.

·        Ventilator settings are constantly being tweaked; to control blood gases, and complete the weaning process. This will probably take 2 or more days.

·        Weaning off nipride to help maintain BP

·        After suctioning and removing lots of mucus, his saturations are looking much better.


Please continue your prayers for baby Tristan, he still has long way to go before leaving the PICU.