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September 1oth - 2weeks 3 days post op

posted Sep 9, 2010, 11:13 PM by Sean Molby

First off, I apologize for the delay in getting up a new update. I have been hoping to be able to put up some super good news, like hey we are on the floor, but the staff here is not being so cooperative with that.. J


For those that do not know Tristan is still extubated and doing very well. His cardiac output is good as is his heart rate, respiratory rate, and O2 saturation levels. The difficulty we are having his still with the swelling in his throat and nasal passages. They are not causing any problems at the moment but there is still concern about it and so they are taking things REALLY slow, which is better than them going really fast like they have a tendency to do. We have been told for three days in a row now that he was to be moved up to the 4th floor recovery. Tuesday and yesterday were not such big surprises when they decided that it was not going to happen but today was a little more frustrating.


Since 10am we waited patiently for ENT to come by since that is the only thing we were waiting on for the floor transfer thumbs up. At about 1pm his nurse called up to see when they would make it down and they said they would be here at 5PM….disappointing but doable. Tristan was having a great day. Not too fussy which is good considering they cut all his sedation meds in half, that is a pretty good decrease….at 5:15pm still no ENT. The nurse went back out to page them and just happened to catch them in the hall. During a 1 minute conversation ENT asked how T was doing, when they were told good they said well just go ahead and transfer him up and we will do an evaluation tomorrow up on the floor. Soooooo we had a 7.5+ hour wait for no reason but hey the ball was rolling and we were headed to the recovery floor, or so we thought. Turns out the charge nurse somehow “forgot” to send up the orders for him to be transferred and by the time the floor got them staffing had already been assigned and they were not staffed appropriately to take him.


Lets just say that did not make me such a happy camper and Sean was none too thrilled either. I am trying to stay positive and remind myself to be happy that he is doing so well. And I am but it is just hard because the next step after the floor is getting to go home and I so desperately miss having my family together at home.


For now we are still in the PICU but he should transfer up first thing in the morning. We will see! He has had a pretty good night. Only was fussy for a little while between 11 and midnight but he is now quietly asleep cuddling with his bears…all three of them it is really cute.


Thank you everyone for continuing to pray and keep Tristan in your thoughts….I would also ask you all to add another little HLHS baby to them as well, his name is Quinton. He was born a day before Tristan and is scheduled to have his 2nd stage surgery on Sept 22. His mama is pretty scared, as I well know, and would greatly benefit from the help of all of you. Thanks again and Blessing to you all ~Christy