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September 10 - FINALLY ON THE FLOOR!!

posted Sep 10, 2010, 8:30 PM by Sean Molby

Tristan is now up on the recovery floor. WOOOO WHOOO!!! J He has had a pretty rough day but doing good over all.


ENT finally managed to come down and scope T –they have been super busy themselves the last couple of days- the ENT doc said that there was movement in both vocal chords (a good sign) but that did it didn’t have anything to reference or compare what he was looking at so we are going to have to wait until Monday so that the Dr who did the first scope can come and re look to see if she sees any difference than what she saw when he was extubated. It is kind of confusing but they just want to make sure that everything is as good as what they think.


He has had a little more trouble with withdrawal today, we think but it may just be the pain he was in from his PIC line. Since they were not sure they went back to his original dose on just one of his sedation meds in hopes that it would help.


Since surgery Tristan has only managed to keep one of his 5 original IV lines and today it had to be pulled do to a possible infection from being rewired, resutured, and redressed so often. (His skin is super sensitive and every time they have to change his dressing-what protects the IV line from outside infections- it has seemed to make it worse. And today they deemed it unsafe for him to keep this PIC line and because of his history they had to place another peripheral IV just so there would still be access if it was needed.


With everything he went through today with being poked, prodded, scoped, assessed, and moved he has done really well. They did manage to get him off his oxygen support-YIPPEEE!!! J They had not anticipated him coming off so early and that is the main thing that is keeping us still in the hospital. So as long as all the tests and stuff come back good next week and no new problems arise (FINGERS CROSSED) he should not be in the hospital for too much longer. I am not even going to attempt to guess at a release date cause I don’t want to jinx anything. We are just being optimistic that everything is going as good as it is.


Tristan now can have visitors but as always please make sure you are not feeling sick before you come up. We are in 4 Sutherland room 20 and still at the downtown Children’s Mercy. Thanks again to everyone and hope you all have a great weekend! ~Christy