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Sept 4th 2010 ~12 days post op

posted Sep 4, 2010, 9:36 PM by Sean Molby   [ updated Sep 4, 2010, 9:38 PM ]

Okay so I we really need some powerful prayers and a hefty serving of good luck  for tomorrow starting at 8AM…….


They waited on extubating Tristan today because there is still no air leak in his vent, but regardless they are definitely extubating tomorrow morning. They have called in the ears/nose/throat specialist at CMH to evaluate him immediately post vent to access if there is any paralysis of the vocal cords or damage to the soft tissue around them that may help explain why the swelling isn’t going down (that they can see). The ENT specialist came in today to speak with us, and though he did say that he felt we still have time that he did want to prepare us for the possibility that Tristan may have to go through a tracheotomy surgery. NOT what we really wanted to hear this morning!


 Now there is a chance that he will do fine with extubation even without an air leak. It has happened and that is the hope I or rather we are clinging to. Tristan has been on room air and breathing over his vent for almost two days now while maintaining all his vitals in an above normal range…WOOO WHOO!!! J so this is a super good sign and means that the only thing that is holding him back from remaining extubated is if his throat is too swollen to breathe in air……sssssoooooooo this is where all of your prayers are greatly needed, yet again.


All the medical staff needed, will be meeting up at Tristan’s bedside at 8AM with extubation to start immediately after. Our hope, as well as everyone else’s, is that all will go amazingly well and no re-intubation will be necessary AND all of your prayers are gonna be what makes that happen!! I truly believe that all of you who have kept Tristan in your hearts and minds are the reason he has fought so hard and remained so strong through all of this. You have given him the will to fight and keep fighting to stay with us. On behave of Tristan and our family I thank you greatly for that!


Now to update you on everything else for the last couple of days; all of Tristan’s labs look great! His sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, hemoglobin, white blood cell, and sooo many other levels are ALL in the normal range YIPEE (finally)!!! His fluid input and output is also finally in sync and he pooped again today YEAH FOR POOP!!!


He is also opening his eyes a lot more and able to stay alert enough to know we are there but let me tell you his is NOT so happy about that thing being in his mouth and throat they have had to restrain both of his arms/hands to prevent him from pulling his vent out on his own L  It is actually really sad looking. The poor thing is 5 months old (in 4 days) now and has both of his hands restrained to the bed as if he was a mental patient or a criminal and then to top it all off they have his mouth taped up so much that when they have a blanket over his head we all joke that he looks like Hannibal Lector, Sean has pics he will upload tomorrow so that you can see what I am talking about. It is funny in a way, only because it makes it easier to deal with if you joke but in all actuality it is just so sad! L But again hopefully all that will be gone by tomorrow morning and I will have him in my arms again for the first time since August 24! LET ME TELL YOU I CAN HARDLY WAIT. Sean is worried I won’t give him a turn to hold him even though I have said I will …… (but between me and you he is probably right, but I will try to give him maybe a minute)!  J I did get to see and hold my girls tonight so that made my day today. They are staying with family tonight since we have to be at the hospital around 6:30 so I am aiming for an awesome day of getting to hold each of my kiddos and give em all lots of hugs and kisses cause I really, really miss getting to do that!


Please remember to keep us in your prayers tomorrow and maybe add us on your prayer lists at church as well! Thank you all so much and we will let you know how it all works out by tomorrow night! ~Christy