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Sept 27

posted Sep 27, 2010, 9:06 PM by Sean Molby
Busy, busy day!
Tristan did great and is thoroughly enjoying being home. He has only thrown up once and it was a small amount-I would actually constitute it as spit up. His cough is getting better and his congestion seems to be slowing down a bit too. All good news.


He is doing really well with his feeds and seems to be taking the weaning schedule okay so far, but they are going super slow since he was having such withdrawal issues.


He had his home health nurse visit today and everything looked good. He now weighs 16 pounds 12.5 ounces. So he is gaining weight pretty good!! He was a happy camper all day and enjoyed getting to play with his sisters. It is so wonderful to be back at home with my kiddos!


We almost have his OT and PT schedules worked out just trying to coordinate with our appointments and their availability. He will have 2-3 PT visits per week and 3-5 OT visits per week. We are hoping to get him back on track. I have not gotten him to take his pacifier again yet but I went to give him kisses today and he started sucking on my lip LOL freaked me out at first but hey I will take it. Since then I have been encouraging him to try his thumb he likes to chew on it more than suck.


He has his GI follow up this Thursday so hopefully we will get some good news there.


Other than lots of phone calls and deliveries the day was busy but pretty boring. T got lots of good sleep which is much needed. 


He is still on a liter of oxygen and his saturation levels have been in the mid 80s which is AWESOME!!!! We could go down on the oxygen but if we do that the humidifier that works with it is not effective and without that his nose and mouth really dry up so it is better to just keep it a little higher and it won’t hurt him to have his saturation levels that high anyway.


Overall good day. His buddy Quinton will hopefully get to go home tomorrow which will be exciting and we are super happy for them.


Thanks for all the support from all~ hope everyone has an amazing week!!Christy