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Sept 23 2nd update

posted Sep 23, 2010, 3:23 PM by Sean Molby

Still by no means out of the woods, but somehow when his cardiologist viewed his echo, the results came back different...all I can say is:




He WILL need a cath and intervention but they feel confident he will be okay until he is father out from surgery, so it is scheduled for Oct 7. They are worried that if done today it could cause some major complications and even waiting just two more weeks would lower the risks tremendously. They are pretty sure they are going to have to either do an angioplasty or place another stint in addition to some other interventional measures. Then after his cath, hopefully, in another couple of weeks he will then get his G-tube/nissen surgeries.


Now we are back to the beginning; he has to restart Lovenox –they had to take him off for the cath that was planned for today- and then recheck his levels after 3+ doses. They ARE sending him home on oxygen and suctioning with the knowledge that until the cath his saturations will be lower and they are okay with that. No new discharge date but I am hoping by Saturday! FINGERS CROSSED!!!


We have a new set of “signs to look for” and steps and precautionary measures to take in case things get out of hand before his cath. Still pretty scared but feel much better, especially since his cardiologist and surgeon are both on the same page with this.


Tristan is doing good. He is back up to 1 liter oxygen but that is for precautionary reasons and so that the humidifier attached will be more effective. His secretions have slowed some and he is doing a fairly good job of coughing it up on his own; only suctioning him every 3-4 hours now as opposed to hourly. He is still having some withdrawal issues but is doing better at overcoming them.


He is such a fighter and despite it all stays mostly happy and in good moods….though he does have his bad moods and boy are they bad! (He must get that from his dad –ha ha J ) I am hoping that once all the procedures and weaning of meds is done he will be back to his all the time happy self, cause he is an absolute doll when he is in a good mood but I will definitely take him either way.


We still need lots of prayers and I thank you for the ones already given. If you could also add some good thoughts and prayers to help us through this in a financial sense it would be appreciated as well. We will not be getting SSI this month because T has now been in the hospital for more than 30 days. This is huge as it is the only supplemental help we get to make up for me not being able to work. We have the fundraiser garage sale coming up-Thanks to Francine Steiner, and some family and friends have mentions another fundraiser of sorts-I have no details yet on that- and we still have some stuff we are trying to sell so if we could get some good luck prayers with those that would be great and very helpful. Despite everything still have to pay the bills. L  


Again thanks you all!  FYI- Quinton is doing good. Vent is turned off but not out yet, they have also taken him off all the narcotics-so keep all the prayers going for him as well!