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Oct 18...really really early on Oct 18 (LOL)

posted Oct 18, 2010, 1:27 AM by Sean Molby
Well it has been an eventful week, mostly because my entire house got sick. Not just little sniffle sick full out in the bathroom all day really bad stomach bug sick. Poor Ella got it the worst but I do have to say luckily Tristan got the weakest strain of this bug. He had vomitting and diareah but barely for a day, so we lucked out there but like I said poor Ella was super sick for almost the whole week :( poor little thing. I was out for about 3 days and Sean and Briah both had about two days worth. Let us just say the last week here...not so fun!
 Amyways that is why I have not done an update lately so I am sorry for those that rely on this for new news. However, I am headed for bed..finally, it is only 3AM. I do promise however to put up a good fully updated post sometime before tomorrow evening.
We still dont have the next surgery date yet we just know it will be within the next two weeks and as far as we know it will be another open heart bypass :(   of which I am so not ready for. I will hopefully have more info tomorrow when I call to talk to the docs. Until tomorrow~hope everyone is getting a better nights sleep than me lol!  luv ya all~Christy