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New Beginnings....

posted Apr 4, 2013, 10:52 AM by Sean Molby

So it has only been forever since we last posted anything… I truly am sorry, things have just been CRAZY here in casa de Molby  J   but as the saying goes no news is good news and for us that is without exception the case!!!

So much has happened in the last several months but through it all T has been a rock star! He did get supremely sick right after Christmas, in fact it was the sickest he has ever been but we still managed to stay out of the hospital (barely) - we did have to go back into our self imposed “quarantine” which we hate but it has allowed Tristan to stay healthy and aside from a lingering cough he has been doing fine. We have been slowly venturing out since mid-March... he has gotten to go to Chic-Fil-A a few times (for those that didn’t know-they gave us their play equipment cleaning schedule, so we are able to let him play in the tunnels like a normal little boy without fear of those scary germs
J ) and we have gone to the park several times. He is super anxious to start being able to ride the horses at Papa and Mawga’s farm soon... HE LOVES THE HORSES!!!

Cardiology was in February and after (as usual) LOOOONG debates and discussion the decision was made that Tristan WILL BE having his third staged, (his FOURTH heart surgery) this summer. Even though we knew this was coming we are all sort of numb…how do you really prepare to send your baby with strangers so they can put him under, slice open his chest, break his rib cage open, and then stop his heart so that a man with hands the size of Michael Jordan can repair his little half of a heart that is smaller than the size of a small plum. As much as we love T’s cardiac surgeon that concept just NEVER gets easier… and to top it off they want to do another heart cath, which is scheduled for May2 (it was rescheduled from April 30, for those that had that date down) the main purpose of this cath is to coil off all/most of Tristan’s collateral vessels that he grew when his left pulmonary artery became completely obstructed (the need for his third open heart surgery) after his Glenn-wood in August 2008. They will also do intervention work if his LPA has not grown the way they had hoped since last year’s cath. So if you all could PLEASE keep T in your prayers we would as always be FOREVER grateful!!!

Therapy is going great for T. And he did qualify for the preschool program BUT the doc’s don’t want him starting till AFTER his surgery so pre-school is posed-poned until August, maybe later depending on how his recovery goes but we are all very optimistic, but scared! He will continue to get First Steps through the summer since his birthday is after April 1 and he won’t be starting school till August... Speaking of his birthday, for all those who have so graciously been asking- we are putting off doing a celebration till after his cath...We just can’t risk him getting some stray flu bug that would set things behind.

The other reason we are waiting his because…wait for it……… we are MOVING!!! J  Although I hate the concept of moving we are beyond excited for this as we are with the help of my parents and aunts (THANKS SO MUCH you guys) buying a HOUSE (!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! ) and getting out from under the home we are in now, which has taken a huge toll on us financially. As most of you know we got this house before we found out about T and before we realized that I was going to have to stop working to stay home and care for him. So this is so exciting for us because for the first time in THREE years we can finally see the end of the long tunnel we have been so lost in! The kids are really excited and we finally have a usable yard again-no more acre forest, LOL!!! J We will be just around the corner from my parents (and the horses). Bri (who I have to inform everyone is now going by Nikki-her middle name) will be transferring to Grain Valley and although she is nervous she is super excited at the same time. She just got through doing cheer try-outs for her Freshman year, which of course couldn’t have gone without something weird happening; she woke up Mon, the first day for try-outs with an excruciatingly painful sty in her left eye, she was soooo upset (poor thing) and in so much pain but I got her to the doc, and she went ahead and prescribed some antibiotic eye drops. And Nikki (Bri) true to her dedicated self STILL went to try-outs despite being in pain and being so overwhelmed. Unfortunately the pain took over and with not knowing a single soul there, being so nervous and in as much pain as she was, she had to leave early but the coaches were very understanding and asked for her to come back Tuesday if she was able.. Tuesday came and she was doing a little better and she went again and lasted the entire 4 hour try-out time but she was still overwhelmed, she new absolutely NO ONE, she was in pain from her eye (if you have never had a sty, let me just say, it is like having a broken toothpick rubbing against your eyeball every time you blink)… She is such an AMAZING young woman and I am BEYOND proud of her. At 14 she has been through more than most people in their 70’s and has persevered with her head held high and a smile on her face and remains a constant support for me and anyone else she knows… No matter what happens, I could not be a prouder mom, BUT I hope with everything I have she gets this-she puts on such a brave face but she wants it so bad and I can’t think of anyone who deserves it as much as her. She said she messed up a couple times in try-outs and despite having her back handspring, was not able to do it outside of GAGE and without a spot (something that her private lessons will remedy in no time).. I mean she can do it, I have seen her but she is still just too unsure of herself- and feeling so alone at the try-outs just emphasized it. But she feels she did well and is optimistic... I just hope the coaches realize what a tremendous addition she would make to any squad, because I know from proof that they will never find anyone as dedicated, responsible, and deserving as she is.. and yes I am a little biased but really, compared to what most teenagers have had to deal with Nikki has them all out shined!!! She is so lucky and so loved; big bro, Caleb has been a big support for her and very encouraging, as well as Teddy and sooooo many other the way, THANK you all so much for the calls and texts wishing her luck and offering prayers and support- she really appreciated them all. K done with the proud mommy moment J

Overall things are going well and are looking up. We will be moving anytime within the next 2 weeks to month (still don’t have a definite closing date) packing is slow but we will get it done. I will start doing at least monthly updates now that T is prepping for another surgery. As always we thank everyone for their continued prayers and support and as soon as we have things more definite we will be having a HUGE Birthday party for little man and Ella after the move at our new house!!!  Until then LOVE and HUGS to you all