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Monday, Oct 11

posted Oct 11, 2010, 10:47 AM by Sean Molby

T is doing good since being home… Rough weekend for me though,  I got SUPER sick, thank goodness Sean was there to help out or I would have been in a world of trouble!


Tristan is now eating only every 4 hours, lengthened from every 3 and doing GREAT with it. He has not spit up or thrown up since before his cath. AND he sounds so much better! His voice is almost completely back to normal; in fact he talks ALL the time now, I think he missed having the ability to make noise!! J He is still on a continuous feed overnight but I am going to work on weaning him from that as well. Trying to get him on a schedule that would be similar to that of a normal 6 month old but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.


He is doing awesome at sitting up by himself- he can hold himself independently for several seconds, which we are extremely happy with considering what he has been through. Still working on getting him to keep his head up-he likes to just let it hang; he must see something more interesting on the floor than I do LOL!! He is doing great in his Bumbo and loves to sit in it like a big boy!! He is rolling better and better but still won’t do it unless you prompt him, I have yet to find anything that he finds worth starting to roll for!


He is getting his first tooth!! Hopefully we can start putting food in his mouth to help him learn what to do with it! J


We have a semi relaxing week. Home nurse and OT Wednesday, not sure when PT will be, then we have his GI surgery consult (for his G-tube) on Thursday. Even though that surgery is postponed until after his next open heart by-pass they wanted me to keep it and go ahead and set the surgery date up for the beginning of December! It is more than I wanted T to have to go through but as long as he is alive and doing well I will take it.


Thanks again all for your support. I am sorry to say we will definitely be needing more than ever in a couple of weeks! Big hugs and kisses to you all ♥Christy