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May 29th 11:00 PM

posted May 29, 2010, 9:28 PM by Sean Molby   [ updated May 29, 2010, 9:50 PM ]

Since we have had complaints on our lack of keeping up with updates I will make a quick post! J (no, seriously it means a lot to know that everyone is always thinking of Tristan and wanting to know how he is doing. Again I apologize for us not keeping everything updated the way we should).


Anyways, there really are not any new changes. He will be in isolation until June 6th  but he should start getting food again on either June 3rd or 4th. He has been such a good boy throughout all of this. All of his blood cultures but the first has come back negative so that is awesome news; because of this they are not going to do any more cultures daily. This will help a lot in getting his hemoglobin levels back up. As of today they are 12.2 down from 12.9 Thursday but they are taking the maximum of blood out of him daily so that is actually not such a bad number but his ideal numbers should be above 14. They are hoping he is finally starting to rebuild his own levels naturally, so for now they are holding off on another transfusion-he has had 5 to date. They will still have to draw blood for his labs but they don’t need to pull as much for those as they did the cultures.


He gets daily x-rays now instead of the 2x a day he was getting and they also have all come back looking good. Each x-ray seems to look better than the one before it. So for now he is doing good, only a little fussy every know and then but hey if I had a huge tube coming out of my nose (this is a suction and it decompresses his stomach and keeps anything from going through to his gut), a PICC line taking up an entire vein (a double IV for his meds, some blood draws, lipids, and TPN’s), wires coming out of my chest(checking his vitals-heart rate and respiratory rate), and another monitor on my foot (testing is oxygen saturation levels) I would be a colossal B!%@# !!!! J (edited for the younger ones) but he still stays in good moods and smiles quite often, such a sport!


That pretty much covers it. Hope everyone has a fun holiday weekend. Please enjoy your time with your kids and family it is more precious than you could ever imagine!!! ~Christy