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May 12th 1PM

posted May 12, 2010, 9:59 AM by Sean Molby

Well last night was not the best night we have had. I managed to scare off several nurses and the resident doctor…she was a first year so it wasn’t too hard to intimidate her I guess. So you know what I am talking about, I will explain.

Tristan had a scary set back yesterday; he had a difficult time recovering from the cath procedure that was done. His O2 levels were continuously low averaging between 50’s and low 60’s. It is dangerous for him to be lower than 70 and he has averaged around 85 since his first procedure so these low saturation levels were rather alarming.

As Sean mentioned before they tried to take two samples of blood, after he returned to his room from recovery, to test his hemoglobin levels and both clotted. This was after they blew 6 veins trying to get his IV in for the catheterization, so for me that was enough. I was done with them poking my baby boy and messing up. So I said no more they could wait awhile or just have the ICU put an IV in since it was fairly apparent that he was going to need a transfusion. As this isn’t “protocol” the resident doctor tried arguing with me about it, I gave in saying they had one try to get an IV in then they needed to call a NICU nurse, she wasn’t happy but agreed. While waiting for the charge nurses to come and make an attempt, Tristan for some reason did not do well with his feed and threw it up, in the process gagging and aspirating nearly choking himself to death…and I mean that literally. He stopped breathing and they had to call in several nurses and then suction everything out of his nose and mouth, as they can not do the Heimlich, it was very scary and stressful. This happened once more by the time they came to try an IV line so needless to say I was a stressed out wreck and not a very happy camper, not to mention exhausted as it was around 1 AM and I only got about 3 hours of sleep Monday night as I was restless thinking about the cath procedure.  So when they tried, they failed, they blew another vein…they were told to leave (by me) J! Then the NICU nurses came up and tried to place an IV line in his head to no avail, another blown vein. If you haven’t guessed by now I am fairly… well, pissed off is the most polite term I can use.

So that makes 8 blown veins, on top of his cath procedure that was done, where they had trouble in the end with stopping the bleeding, consistently low O2 saturation levels making him have to go on oxygen support, plus the vomiting, all on top of him missing four feeds this morning so he was somewhat weak plus lethargic from the sedation, and then they were doing assessments every hour. Poor Tristan was just exhausted and so I put my foot down and said to go to the end of the chain of so called “protocol” and call in anesthesia to do the IV, I was finished with people blowing his veins and screwing up the blood draws, I was not quite as nice saying that as I am now. By this time I had scared the resident off and so she wouldn’t come to the room to talk to me but she did call, and we argued about the “hospital protocol” while she was trying to say that the next step was the transport team and that she had already called them to try to run an IV. I was rather perturb, said no and insisted on anesthesia doing it. Well in the meantime transport was available and had come to the room and while talking with them, our night nurse, and while on the phone with the resident, transport assured me they were only going to look and if they didn’t think they could get a line in they would call anesthesia themselves as the lead transport team member had a child of her own and knew exactly what I felt (finally someone with and actual child of her own who understood)! I agreed as I actually felt comfortable with this person. It took almost an hour of searching but she found one vein she thought she might be able to use as all of his other veins were useless because of the blood draws and blown veins. She asked my permission and so I told her she had one try but then I was done. We all said a prayer laid Tristan’s blessing blanket over him and hoped for the best. Thank God she got it with no problem what so ever and Tristan didn’t even cry and sat still through the whole thing.

Things started to go very smoothly after that, he finally got his transfusion and has managed to keep all of his feeds in so far. I refused the PO (oral) feedings yesterday as I didn’t want to exhaust him and I refused them today as well, he has been through so much I just want him to have a day of rest without having to do any work at all, he definitely deserves that!

Since the transfusion his O2 stats have been in the upper 70’s lower 80’s so perfect for him and he is nice and pink again and has been happy and comfortable most of the morning.

I, however, am exhausted as I didn’t get to sleep this morn until after 3 AM and it was in an uncomfortable chair as Sean slept on the bed/couch with Ella in Tristan’s room since we were not comfortable leaving him. Let me say 7 hours of sleep in two days is NOT enough!! J

Thanks again everyone for keeping Tristan in your thoughts and prayers. I ask or rather beg that you continue to do so as this has set him back and it will probably be another week or so before he is released to come home instead of this weekend like we had hoped. Then we get to have him home for only a couple more months until we come back up for his second surgery which, for him, is his most dangerous.