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March 8th 2011- home and loving it

posted Mar 8, 2011, 6:39 PM by Sean Molby

                                                     ♥ HAPPY 11 month Birthday TRISTAN DRAKE!!


                                                                    WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Wow, what a month we have had…Tristan is doing really good. Right now he has a cold-his first one ever so I still feel blessed that we have not had to fight with additional illnesses on top of all his heart stuff. Both Ella and T had high fevers for about 3 days and now are trying to work through some congestion. I am going to take T into the Dr. again tomorrow mainly because we have to be really cautious and make sure his congestion doesn’t move down into his lungs and cause pneumonia-which is often fatal for heart kiddos.


He is still growing good. Last visit he was 28 ¼ inches (it is really hard to get accurate readings on infants so it fluctuates up and down often) and 21 lbs 12 ounces! The little chunk. Now that he is older he will not gain as quickly as before so 1-2 pounds a month is good which is what he is averaging.


His OT is going better. He was even taking a bottle again-then he got a sore throat so we are working back up to that again. But he is still taking everything by mouth and doing good, so I can’t ask for any more than that! He is eating lots of table food now. Baked sweet potatoes, cheese burgers, cooked carrots, all sort of crackers and cookies, noodles- he really LOVES food so we are having no problem with introducing him to new things- he will try ANYTHING! His favorite is now malt-o-meal- and he eats a full serving of it-I have no idea where he manages to fit all the food he eats!


He was doing really good with his PT but when he started not feeling good he started not being as cooperative L but hey I don’t really blame him and he is still making progress. His new favorite thing to do is rolling from his tummy to his back. He has been able to do this since he was about 4 months but just refused to…now he thinks it is fun! He is standing now with support either him holding on to something or someone holding him. Still no crawling but that one is going to be hard since he still HATES to be on his tummy.


He has an amazing personality, always seems to be laughing or giggling. He adores his big sis Ella- all she has to do is say hi and he starts giggling hysterically and that just prompts her to make him laugh more. He is talking up a storm and says mom, and dada, and it sounds like he says Bri. He also says bite and love you and of course “NO” J


He is finally off of his Lovenox shots and we couldn’t be happier! The first couple of days after we were done he would look at us during meds time like “so where is the one that hurts?” poor baby, he stopped doing that but it made me feel so sad for him to know that he hated getting them so much!


I have been busy with planning the fundraiser and trying to get our house organized and clean-which is never ending! The fundraiser is going good. It will be June 11th (although there is a chance it will be changed to June 25th ) either way it will be at the Blue Springs (north) High School as more details get finalized I will get more out. I truly hope everyone who is able comes! It is for a great cause. All proceeds will be split between CHD research, Children’s Mercy cardiology, Ronald McDonald House, and I will be accepting submissions from local CHD families who are in need of financial help. You could not imagine the financial hardship that CHD families go through, especially during the first few years-medical expenses are only a small part of what we have to struggle through. So I am really hoping to help out some families and have a chance to give back in appreciation for all that has been done for us.


We are also now preparing for Tristan’s 1st Birthday- one month from today! It is such a miracle that he is still here with us and I am so excited to be able to celebrate his first year of life and finally give some people a chance to finally meet him face to face!


For now I need to get the kids to bed. Please keep T in your prayers we are barely even started in his journey. Thank you to everyone for all the support you have shown.


Sean Molby,
Mar 8, 2011, 6:44 PM