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June 3

posted Jun 3, 2010, 10:04 AM by Sean Molby

Yesterday they had a hard time placing or rather replacing Tristan’s PICC line. They dried to put in a double lumen but his vein was not large enough to handle that much so they had to switch to a single. A single line will work for him but it means that if he has to have another transfusion they will have to run another IV to give it because transfusions take 4 hours and he can not be off his lipids and TPNs that long-they took him off for an hour yesterday and his glucose dropped down to 40 (that is really low).


When placing the line he lost more blood than they figured he would so when we went in to see him he looked scary pale. Of course he had another new nurse yesterday so she didn’t think anything of it, since most heart babies are paler-Tristan however is not and we he is it usually means his hemoglobin had dropped dangerously low. They were suppose to run labs on that this morning but somehow the order for it didn’t get placed and so now we have to wait for a new order. This is all so stressful because it is so hard to get and IV in him and so we need to know what his levels are so that if he needs another transfusion a line can be placed during the day because there is no one here at night that can usually get a line in. We have been through this scenario twice now so it is very frustrating that we have to explain and possibly go through it again.


Other than that he is still doing good, he ends his antibiotics tonight and then feeds start again tomorrow so wish him luck in digesting everything the way he is suppose to. Thank you all for your prayers, please keep Tristan in them as he starts this new process ~Christy