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June 1, 2010

posted Jun 1, 2010, 9:32 PM by Sean Molby

Good news today, well kind of. They pulled Tristan off of isolation early!! We have a new rotation of resident doctors and they felt that with all of his labs coming back clear he no longer needs to be in isolation. There is still a chance that one of his labs could come back positive for a viral infection (this is the one that has kept him in isolation) but after 5 days it is still negative and the doctors think it will remain so even after the final check on Saturday so they figured there was little risk to Tristan or other patients. This doesn’t really change too much but it is one less stressor. He also pooped last night for the first time since last Monday, this is a good sign and shows that there is most likely no damage to his intestines from the NEC, we won’t know for sure though until he starts his feeds.


They are going to take him down tomorrow morning to hopefully place a new PICC line, this is just a precaution since his first blood lab was positive, if they can not find a place to put it they will just keep his original line and continue checking labs.


He finishes his antibiotics on Thursday night and they WILL start his feeds on Friday-YEAH!!!!- but very slowly. Only 5 ml an hour, if he handles this well they will increase gradually and when he gets up to his needed amount, about 22 ml per hour and shows that he can digest it properly they will then go ahead with his GI surgery to insert his GI feeding tube. They decided against doing another swallow study until the 3 months are up.


Other than that no changes, he is still being so good throughout all of this and smiles quite often. We are hoping for a release date in about 3 weeks, and he will finally come home for the first time! J   ~Christy