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Friday August 27th 8:00am

posted Aug 27, 2010, 6:07 AM by Sean Molby

Tristan had a good night! Lots of swelling went down, his urine output has been excellent and this means that profusion to his kidneys is good and less pressure on his lungs. Maybe he will tolerate the IPV (more aggressive ventilator) treatment today, this is used to help “pop” open the lung so that they can suction out the mucus.

He has been maintaining his hemoglobin levels since his last transfusion and this is great considering all of the blood that they are taking for lab work. His normal ventilator settings were turned down last night, and this seemed to help with his profusion through all extremities. Oh yeah I almost forgot Tristan had an unexpected POOP yesterday! The medical industry is very interested in the PEE and POOP! This means that things are starting to work again. Hopefully this trend continues upward and stats will start improving, I was starting to get worried last night.

This mornings lung X-ray showed improvement over yesterdays! Hopefully with the continued positive urine output this will decrease the pressure on his organs and more progression will start happening J