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August 9

posted Aug 9, 2010, 4:51 AM by Sean Molby
This post will be a short one as I am exhausted and have to get back to Tristan, who is crying as I type :(   
Tristan's procedure on Friday went good. No surprises with the exploratory cath. They did not need to balloon or put a stent in which is good. The tentative date for his second stage is August 16, so next Monday. That is not set in stone there is some more testing they need to do first but they did say his surgery will be next week sometime as long as no other emergencies bump him back.
He has been real fussy and grumpy since Friday, thank goodness for Sean this weekend. I have been up with him most of every night since Friday night and Sean has helped out during the day so I can get some sleep. We are not sure why he has been so fussy, he really should not be from what the doctors say but they had to try the cath in both legs as when they went in his right leg it did not go through so they had to go through the left. Soooo, I think he is in some discomfort there. I am hoping that with in a couple more days he will be back to his normal happy self.
Thanks to everyone who said a prayer and kept Tristan in your thoughts this weekend. I will let everyone know more when I find out more myself...