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August 31- 8 days post op

posted Aug 31, 2010, 8:32 PM by Sean Molby

Today was a SUPER rough day. They tried taking Tristan off the ventilator….did not go so well. He actually would have done okay except he has had so many lines going in and out of his nose and mouth that it swelled his airways and after about 2 minutes of being extubated his airways closed and he could not breathe. So heart rate dropped to below 25, O2 saturation levels were around the 40’s, respiratory was 2, and blood pressure was over 150/100 this lasted several minutes. They had to bag him and then do some pretty aggressive respiratory treatments but in the end (after 2 hours) they had to re-intubate him soooo he is again back on the ventilator and will have another day or so to wait for the swelling to go down. (They are pumping him full of some steroids to reduce the swelling quickly). Then we will get to try it all over again! –Cant wait


I know overall this is really not the scariest thing Tristan has been through but for his me it was the most visible thing “I” have ever had to watch him go through…..I could only handle it for about 15 minutes and then I had to call my mommy to come be with me, poor Sean was at work and I didn’t think he would be able to get off. This is the first time I have really broke down this hospital stay.


Let me tell you watching your child basically suffocate is one of the scariest experiences a parent can go through. And I just had to sit back and let everyone else take care of it, which I am proud to say I managed to do despite my GREAT desire to shove everyone out of the way so I could at least try to do something! I felt even more helpless than I already do right now.


We also almost lost his central IV line which for those that know is not a good thing because Tristan is what they call the “nightmare stick”. His veins are extremely hard to get IVs in and so they had to rush him up to internal radiology to see if they could save his line or find a new one to replace it.


Luckily they were able to save the line he has but in their search they found out Tristan has a severe clot in his right leg-which would explain why no one has been able to get a line through it the last 3x they have tried and he also has a small one in his left leg where his current line was (they extended it today to save it and where able to by pass the clot). Unfortunately we have yet to be able to talk to the attending doctors to find out what exactly this means for Tristan so we are kind of in the black with this, at least until tomorrow.


For now Tristan is doing much better. His vitals have been good since they reintubated him-unless he is wet then he gets pissed and everything goes crazy till his diaper is changed-but he is comfortable and calm again and should remain so for the night!


I will post another update tomorrow and let you all know what we have found out. Please keep him in your prayers because we still have a really long way to go. ~Christy