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August 30 7 days post op

posted Aug 30, 2010, 8:10 PM by Sean Molby

Sorry I have not posted in a few but Sean did a pretty good job taking over for a few days, I think. I have been super stressed out and worried a lot over Tristan and I have also had to worry over things that I shouldn’t have to deal with but that is life I guess.


First off, I want to thank everyone that has prayed for Tristan throughout this ordeal. Your prayers are what get him through!!! Sean and I have had an easier and a harder time this go around. It is easier to deal with the shock of it all since we have already been through it before but I can not begin to tell you how hard it is to not be able to hold Tristan and to watch helplessly as he lay there on the hospital bed unconscious. Sean has been my rock through all of this and has had to hold back on his own emotions a lot to help me through.  It is hard to feel so useless when I am so used to doing everything for him. Hopefully I will be able to put him back in my arms by the end of the week!!


Long day today, Sean had to go back to work and so had a hard time his first day back. Of course things didn’t go as planned so he had a stressful first day. I can’t imagine how he feels and I am thankful to him for allowing me the ability to stay with my kids.


Tristan is making some good gradual improvements. He is off the epinephrine and the versed and down to the lowest dose of melrinone and a low dose of phyentanol. They are optimistically hoping to have him off the ventilator by tomorrow afternoon. (I soooo did not spell those meds correctly J )


He has lost a lot of his swelling and they have almost got his TPNs (total patient nutrition) perfect, they are still tweaking his chloride and potassium levels.
Overall it has been a good day for Tristan and hopefully tomorrow will be just as good! I miss all my kids more than I can say. Briahnna has been with grandma and grandpa and Ambriel is back with Aunt Tamara and Uncle Scott. They have both adjusted very well and are anxious for Tristan to get back home… least Briah is. I think Ella is having too much fun playing with Rissa and Alliyah to mind too much but I can pretend she is missing us terribly J


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that you continue through with a glorious week ahead! ~Christy