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August 25th, 20 hours post op

posted Aug 25, 2010, 10:35 AM by Sean Molby
So here we are 20 hours after surgery, Tristan is recovering slowly and as expected given his track record. Overnight they had to change Tristans chest tubes (drainage) from vacuum bulbs to wall suction, somehow an air leak delveloped around these tubes and they would no longer maintain a vacuum.
 This surgery is a lot more invasive than his first one, so we really did not know what to expect this time around. They have not had to pump a bunch of fluid into him to stabilize his blood pressure, like the last surgery. However he does still have quite a bit of swelling from the chest up, and this is considered normal. This morning his Central line that is used to deliver medications failed, and had to be replaced. He has been maintaining his hemoglobin levels, oxygen saturation is still pretty low and they are constantly tweaking his ventilator settings. Late this morning Tristans cardiology nurse  decided to remove the wall suction and reinstall the vacuum bulbs, so far every thing is working properly. All in all Tristan is doing well and considered semi stable-stable at times, I think that the doctors would like to see a little quicker recovery, but they are satisfied with his results so far. They are going to start administering lasix today, this will help pull some of the excess fluid off and reduce the swelling. Hopefully Tristan will be able to maintain his potassium levels, and blood pressure with this excess fluid removed. BABY STEPS Right!   They are going to run more labs this afternoon so check back later for more Baby Tristan 101 ~Sean