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August 23 - 14 hours 30 minutes till surgery

posted Aug 23, 2010, 2:51 PM by Sean Molby

We just got home from CMH for pre-admissions. Surgery will be tomorrow at 7:15 AM with is OR prep starting at 6AM.


This is Tristan’s most dangerous and risky procedure-the mortality rate is over 25%.  He will be put on a heart and lung by-pass machine while they re-plumb, as you could say, his heart. The simplest way to describe what they are doing is changing his right ventricle into working as his left ventricle, since he does not have a left one, by detaching his aorta that is now attached to his non-existent left ventricle and instead attaching it to his right ventricle. They will also detach his superior vena cava from his atriums as they will use his main pulmonary artery to by pass the heart and pump blood directly to the lungs. That is the simplest way I can put it. If anyone is interested in looking the procedures up he is undergoing a comprehensive Stage II Hybrid reconstruction via redo median sternotomy- or basically undoing his Hybrid procedure and then proceeding with a partial Norwood and complete Glen reconstruction.


I can not begin to tell you how scary this is for us. Especially since we just found out that although they do the Norwood and Glen procedures very frequently, Tristan is only the fourth patient at Children’s Mercy to undergo the actual procedure they are doing tomorrow. I was too scared to ask the outcomes of the other three patients.


Aside from prayers there is not much else we can do for now. All of Tristan’s labs, x-rays, and tests came back looking good. His lungs sound perfect and he is at an optimal weight for this procedure. The nurses assured me he could not go into this surgery in any better shape than what he is now. The rest is up to him, Dr. O’Brien/his staff and, of course, God!


We have Uncle Joe Chapman and Kenny Tucker coming over tonight for a special administration. They did this right before Tristan’s first stage and he came through with flying colors.


If everyone could please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tonight, tomorrow, and at least thru his stay in the PICU at CMH we, as always, would be eternally grateful.

For now I am going to go and cuddle with my son as this will be the last night for me to do so for quite a while. He will be in the PICU heavily sedated for about a week and we will not be able to hold him again until they wake him up.

We will do our best to keep everyone updated through the website. His pre-op and surgery will be over 6 hours. We will try to do some posts throughout the day tomorrow but something will be up for sure by Wednesday morning .Wish us luck!

And thank you in advance for all the thoughts and prayers! ~Christy