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Aug 16 4:30am

posted Aug 16, 2010, 2:17 AM by Sean Molby
cant sleep so figured I would do an update since I didn't get a chance to Friday. Surgery has been post poned as Tristan got sick... no big alarms as of yet. It only seems to be a minor cold but he needs or rather has to be at 110% before heading into this next surgery. He has another cardiology appointment tomoorow so they can take a look at him and then reaccess him.
It did go well when they presented him at the Friday cardiology conference. Everyone was in agreement that he is ready for his next stage, minus the cold of course. They are extremely happy with his growth and developement.
Due to his cold his occupational therapy has been slow because he has a sore throat and refuses to swallow anything...but we keep trying! We have some pretty good goals set up for him over the next few months. OT agreed that he should be taking 50% of  all his food orally w/in the next 6 months , as surgery will likely set him back a month or two  that is still a realistic goal (whenever these babies go into the hospital for a prolonged stay they generally regress 1/2-1 month per week they are in the hospital). PT would also like for him to be sitting by himself and moving, whether by rolling or crawling to reach a desired toy. Again this is w/in 6 months. They are being optimistic as Tristan is already doing so well. Much better than he should be. He is already sitting barely supported for several minutes!!!!
It has been a long week as most everyone in the house is not feeling to swell, not sure how we all got sick but luckily it hasn't gotten too bad. We just pray that we all recover quickly. I will try and type some more when I get some news later on today. hope everyone had a great weekend. Remember to hug and kiss your kids and make sure they know how much they mean to you!!! So many times we take that abilty for granted.  Never miss a chance to let your kids know how much they are loved and adored, they are more precious than anything else you have. K going now since I am rambling, think I might acctually be able to go back to bed and get some more, or rather some sleep. Enjoy the sunshine this week!