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April 8 2011~ Tristan is ONE!!!

posted May 25, 2011, 11:14 AM by Sean Molby   [ updated May 25, 2011, 11:23 AM ]

HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAy TrIsTaN dRaKe MoLbY


( sorry I am a couple weeks late getting this updated—okay now I am almost 2 months late but I did write this back in April )


Well we made it. It has been a long, unnerving, scary, yet happy year and T made it to his 1st Birthday and is doing amazingly well. I am sorry I am so late in posting this but the past month and a half has been busy. March was not the best month for us as we ALL got sick. Tristan got his first cold and with it a double ear infection… twice. We had lots of doctor visits and a couple of ER visits but he is finally on the mend and doing much better. In fact the first healthy weekend we had was on his birthday so that was a nice little extra gift!


He has made so much progress in the last couple of months. In the blink of an eye he went from my baby boy to my little man… he has worked so hard and accomplished so much that I can hardly believe it! I remember him back on New Years Day still so fragile and weak. He couldn’t sit up by himself, was still having difficulties eating by mouth. No rolling or floor movement and to put him and keep him on his tummy was literally an act of God. Now just over three months later our little miracle has shown us again just what he is made of.


I am amazed and proud to say that in 3 months time T has managed to accomplish what takes most other kids almost a year to achieve. He can not only sit up by himself but he can almost pull himself up. He rolls EVERYWHERE and does a cute little military crawl, butt scoot, or hops (yes he literally hops on his butt) to get where he wants to go. The little turkey can start out by his toy box and I turn my back for a sec and he is across the room with a huge grin on his face.

He still has some fear or anxiety of putting certain types of weight and movement around his incision sight but with 3 open heart surgeries before he was 8 months of age, I think gives him the right to be a little sensitive about that area. He can stand on his own (as long as he is holding on to something- he still doesn’t trust himself yet- and LOVES to do it... a great feat from not even being able to have any weight bearing on his legs in January (or for that matter even February) and boy does he talk up a storm. His favorite and first word was Mom, and that is exactly how he says it Mom, it’s really cute. He says dada, and diaper-when he wants his diaper changed. He says water and love you, and of course NO- but that one he just shakes his head no but trust me he KNOWS what it means!!! So he has most the important ones covered. Briah insists he says her name but I still have not heard it LOL!

His absolute favorite person in the world is Ella which is rather frustrating considering all I do for him
J, no seriously he loves his big sis- doesn’t matter how bossy she is to him or what toys she takes away if she asks for a kiss she ALWAYS gets one and no one can make him laugh like Ella-who lovingly calls him her Tristan! I can’t leave out what a wonderful big sis Briahnna has been too. She does an amazing job with both Ella and T and the sacrifices she has had to make and willingly continues to make just astounds me. I am just so proud of all the kids and all they have accomplished!


Looking forward to the next couple of months to see what else T will conquer! We are headed to FL in mid May for Caleb’s graduation so wish us luck. I am pretty nervous as this will be the first time T will be out of the house (aside from surgeries) let alone out of the state! We have a cardiology appointment right before we leave so we can make sure all is as good as can be!

 I added a 1 year picture of T!

Until next month! Thanks to you all for you love and support we definitely would not be where we are today without it! Christy


Sean Molby,
May 25, 2011, 11:17 AM