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April 30, 3:00PM HAPPY 3 Weeks TRISTAN!

posted Apr 30, 2010, 1:54 PM by Sean Molby

It has been a slower day today, the only big news is he is off his lasix drip and is now just getting one single dose a day. This is good and was expected since his swelling is now mostly gone and his urine output has now exceeded his extra fluid input. (Meaning he has peed out more than the extra fluid they had put in).


They have tried a couple of times to switch him to the automated settings on his ventilator, this is the last step before taking the breathing tube completely out. However, his breathing rate was not as high as they wanted it, so both times they have had to switch it back. But they did say that all the other stats on the ventilator were awesome so it is not necessarily a bad sign they just think he still has some of the sedation meds to wear off. (It also doesn’t really help that the respiratory therapist switched him to auto mode right after the two times they had just given him some versed (a sedation med)….I know logic would have pointed to her that he probably would have responded better if she had waited or possible switched it off BEFORE he was sedated. But alas
I am only a mom so what do I know?


Since, they are still trying to get him off the vent they have put off feeding him for another day L because they need to make sure that he will not regress when they pull the vent out completely –if he was to regress it could cause some complications if he did not have an empty stomach. They did tell me once they pull it out if there are no complications he will get his first feeding after 4 hours of no vent, so he could still possibly get some food tonight but we will be okay if he waits till the morning. The important thing is for him to be okay and ready for each step they take.


They did pull out his catheter (OUCH!!!) but he was a trooper and only cried for a few seconds and then was fine so they didn’t have to give him any extra pain meds to calm him down afterwards and they were surprised because they often times need to do that. And he peed right after it was pulled for what seemed like forever so all is still working well down there!   ~Christy