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April 29 (5:00 PM)

posted Apr 29, 2010, 3:23 PM by Sean Molby

Well I came in today to a big shock, but it turned out to be a good one. It seems they had one of the patients get really sick and they needed an isolation room and it turned out that Tristan was the only one in an isolation room that was stable enough to move. So we are now sharing a room with another little boy which stinks cause there is not very much privacy but it is good because Tristan is doing good enough for them to justify that…. But I now miss my private bathroom! Oh well, I will definitely take a recovering baby over a private place to pee. J


Tristan is doing really good today. He is completely off his fentanyl (sedation/pain medicine) and they are weaning him slowly off the versed (another sedation medicine) and he should be completely off that by tomorrow. Then they will just give him pain meds as needed. After he is all off the sedation meds they will remove his catheter. He also pooped for the first time since right before surgery, another good sign as it shows his body is starting to function normally again.


They are slowly lowering his ventilator usage and even sedated he is breathing over the vent and on his own-good sign!!! He should be off of the ventilator within 24 – 48 hours and then they will also remove the NG tube (the one in his nose) but then they will replace that with a feeding tube. They decided against starting feeding him today, it was felt it would be better if he waited till tomorrow. L


His swelling is very minimal now; he is just a little puffy but he looks like a cute little baby again, as compared to an inflated balloon! J He woke up again when I got here which was really exciting! Especially since he seemed very alert and his eyes were not cloudy and unfocused like they were yesterday. He even smiled a little as I was talking to him. He was only awake for a little over a half hour but it was good to be able to look into his eyes and see him looking back!


Grandma came up for a visit while he was awake so she was excited about that. Aunt Teresa also came up to see him today as well as a friend we met while living at the Ronald McDonald house. So overall, it was a busy day for Tristan with lots of visitors.