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April 28th, 2010 (58 hours post op)

posted Apr 29, 2010, 4:28 AM by Sean Molby

Real quick apology, this was suppose to have been posted last night before we left Tristan’s bedside to head to bed ourselves.


Tristan is doing really well. He is completely off the epinephrine and peeing like a champ. He still has quite a bit of fluid he needs to ex-spell but for now his urine output is awesome and he is right were he should be…. Never thought you would be excited to read a post about a baby peeing did you!  J 

The most awesome part of the day was he opened his eyes. He was awake and breathing on his own starting at around 3:30pm and stayed awake for about a half hour. They hadn’t really expected him to be as alert as he was for as long as he was. It tuckered him out pretty fast though and although he opened his eyes a few more times throughout the day he was not awake for long. But as he is still on fairly high doses of pain meds this is expected and normal.

His swelling in his face has gone down quite a bit but his abdominal area still looks puffy and really shiny (from being so stretched out). They said they may start feeding him milk tomorrow morning, this will be his first real food since April 10 at 11pm. He will only get like a teaspoon at a time and it will be through a feeding tube but hopefully he will tolerate it well. It is just one step closer to him getting the drainage tube out of his chest and then off the ventilator.

Big sis got to come up for a visit, she was kind of sad that Tristan didn’t open his eyes while she was there but to kind of make up for it his nurse let her rub some lotion on his little legs since she (Briah) said she thought they looked dry.

Not sure when another post will get up, probably not till tomorrow evening cause Sean goes back to work tomorrow and with him the knowledge of how to actually log on to this website. My brain is still not functioning enough to compute that info yet. Also for those that are not as web savvy as some (me included) just note that under some of the posts there are links to more pictures. And we, or rather Sean, is trying to figure out how to put some sort of a message board up so you all can post comments and such since not everyone has face book but we are still not sure if this particular web set up will allow that. Thank you all for your wonderful prayers and let us hope for a big “Welcome Home Tristan” party at least by the end of May~ maybe sooner!!! ~Christy