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April 27th 35 hrs post op

posted Apr 27, 2010, 9:26 PM by Sean Molby

Well I'm going to start with...."It's been a really long day", Tristan’s blood pressure has needed constant monitoring, and is finally starting to show signs of improvement J While the doctors have not been concerned, it’s been really stressful for both Christy and I. The first 48hrs post op is "the critical period", so we have been patiently waiting... .....and since they keep him sedated during this period there is not a whole lot to write about. Today they administered a blood transfusion to keep his hemoglobin levels topped off and they also gave him a cortisone treatment as explained in the previous post. During this whole recovery period they have been continually giving him "fluid" (albumin) and epinephrine to keep his blood pressure up while his body recovers from surgery. Right now the sign we are waiting for is for him to begin the process of eliminating all the extra fluids they have been administering so that the swelling will start to go down. So basically at some point he will pee. Yes we are waiting for Tristan to PEE!! This will tell us that his body is adjusting, and they can start using Lasix to help him pull out the excess fluid, that has been keeping his blood pressure stable.  So pray for pee!!!!! J love you all. ~Sean & Christy Molby