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April 24th

posted Apr 24, 2010, 8:12 AM by Sean Molby

Well a lot has happened over the last few days! First they pulled Tristan off the vent, and he did well for awhile. Maybe a little too well, his O2 saturation was a little high, now normally in a healthy child this would be perfect, in Tristans case it’s a problem, so they put him in a tent and introduced nitrogen into his environment. This option worked really well for a short time, and then they would have to remove the tent….. not the ideal solution. During all of this he is having repeated chest x-rays and they discovered that his left lung had collapsed! This caused an alarm, and he was re-vented, and given breathing treatments every 4 hours to open the lung back up. They talked about doing a CAT Scan to determine why his lung collapsed, but before that was completed his lungs were doing great again? Its good that he is responding quickly to his treatments and because of this it was determined that the orfices inside his left lung were just clogged with mucas, from his body being in shock. We had a meeting with the doctors on Friday, and it was determined that in Tristans case with his complications, they are going to do the Hybrid procedure as his first surgery, this procedure has less  initial risk, and will allow Tristan to become stronger before the second surgical procedure. This is scheculed for Monday morning. Not sure that we are ready for this, it is very scary, however it has to be done in order for him to survive. Please pray for Tristan in that everything goes well, and he has a speedy recovery.