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9-24-10 heading home (hopefully) this weekend

posted Sep 24, 2010, 3:04 PM by Sean Molby   [ updated Sep 24, 2010, 3:41 PM ]

K, so not much has changed. We ARE going home this weekend-or at least that is the plan.


They have to check his Lovenox levels and then we are outta here!! Can’t say I am not glad, though I will miss all his nurses J


He had his Physical Therapy today and did awesome!! He was so happy and laughing through it all. He did really good with rolling over and his foot to mouth and hand to feet work. I am soooooo proud of how well he is doing! My little trooper J


Right after PT he had Occupational Therapy. That went much better today than yesterday. He was still in a good mood AND he was watching his baby Einstein video so that only added to his happiness (HE LOVES THOSE MOVIES) he did really good and was very tolerant of everything she was doing. She taught me some new little tricks to help him and was very impressed with his response to stimulation. He pooped out kinda early though but he has had a busy day so I couldn’t blame him.

Speaking of OT he took his pacifier last night for a whole 15 minutes. I was so freakin excited!!! J That is the longest he has taken it since surgery. Up till then I was lucky if I could get him to suck for a whole minute!!


Been a busy day and tomorrow will be even busier, we should get out of here around 3PM tomorrow as long as everything goes as planned. SO MY EVERYTHING IS CROSSED!


Thank you all ~Christy