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11-19-2010 24+ hours post op

posted Nov 19, 2010, 2:08 PM by Sean Molby
Okay so it has been a long night and a VERY eventful day. Sorry about the delay in getting the post up last night I broke the computer and Sean was asleep so had to wait until he woke up to fix it. Guess that is what happens on no sleep-I break things LOL
First off  T is doing amazingly well. He has been extubated and is breathing on his own and has been since about 9 this morning. They have pulled out his central IV (intentionally) :)   they didn't want to risk a clot so since he is off ALL of his IV meds they pulled it. He still has his Arterial line so they are able to do blood draws and they placed a new AC peripheral line (that means in his his arm) and it is working good. He managed to kick out the peripheral lines in both his feet so that is why they had to put a new one in. They pulled his foley (his urine cath) and he is peeing well on his own.
His sats are in the high 70's low 80's -that is as long as he is not mad!! and he is on 2 iters of O2 right now. They are going to try to start feeding him by tonight and they are also going to restart his Lovenox tonight as well. K since I started typing they have now weaned him down to only 1 liter of oxygen and still keeping is oxyen sats up at 76-79YIPEEEE!!!!!!! :)   This has been the easiest recovery for Tristan by far!!! Hopefully he will keep it up!
Hematology came over and talked with us, although they really didn't have any answers. They are goiug to do a genetic workup on Tristan to see if there is a genetic reason he is having clotting issues. Once they do the tests it will take a couple of weeks to get the results. Our nurse is drawing the blood for those as I type.
We, or rather T, is having some major issues with pain...and I can't blame him! Poor baby just went through heart surgery and all they have him on is moriphine and tylenol-I would LOVE to know how many adults would be happy with that situation. BUT their goal is to get him off the moriphine and only have him on oxycodone and that, they are hoping, will happen by tonight.
With some luck and continued progress from T we will hopefully be on the floor tomorrow!
Thanks again all for everything!! Will update again tomorrow night!  ~Christy