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10~20~2010; surgery date is set

posted Oct 20, 2010, 6:23 PM by Sean Molby

Well the surgery date has been set. It is farther away than originally planned but there are several reasons for that.


The first being they are extremely happy with where Tristan is right now- meaning his O2  saturation levels with only ¾ liters oxygen is optimal and shows that his collateral veins are sufficient enough to handle delivering blood to his left lung in lieu of his left
PA for the time being. Another reason they are waiting is because right now he is only 8 weeks post Glenwood (2
nd surgery) and being that he is doing so well they are balancing the risk vs. benefit factor and there is a definite better benefit to waiting versus doing another surgery right now. The last reason is that both of his cardiac surgeon AND his cardiologist will be out of the country for a week for non-profit work- and neither one felt comfortable scheduling and doing a surgery and then leaving not knowing the outcome, especially since Tristan likes to keep things interesting.


So the surgery date is Thursday, November 18- the actual time is still not set. The really good news about this is that Dr. Kaine, his cardiologist, will be on service at that time so there will hopefully be no mix ups or miss communications and he will be constantly monitoring Tristan personally, which makes me feel better.


I have had a few people ask if I feel better now that we have a set date. The answer to that is this; At no point am I going to feel okay at handing my son over to a handful of surgeons to do yet another bypass surgery, I just have to accept it and be thankful that he is doing well enough for them to postpone it a little longer so that he has even more time to heal from his last surgery. At no time am I going to be prepared or ready to sit and wait again for hours wondering how he is doing and if he will be okay. Again all I can do is accept and be thankful that he has shown such amazing strength and determination. My baby boy is barely over 6 months old and has already survived so much: a often times fatal congenital heart defect-that is considered one of the most complex CHDs out there, his heart stopping at 3 days old and his valve closing, coming back from the brink of death-when not even the doctors thought he was going to make it-, surviving through his first surgery, NEC, 1 exploratory cath, 2 interventional caths, one open heart by-pass-that is even more dangerous than most kids with his condition go through, and finally to not only survive but overcome what most kids post Glen end up dying from, a closed pulmonary artery-yes this is a common complication with these kiddos, T just has it for a different reason than most but still he has managed to do the near impossible and compensate to accomplish pumping blood to his lung even with his PA closed”.




 My son is the definition of miracle and strength. I don’t know where he gets it and it amazes me to watch as he defies odds over and over. I have to believe he is meant to stay here with us and that he will continue to fight. As I sit here typing this I have Tristan in my arms and I am beyond grateful for that gift, please don’t forget that…our kids, our loved ones, are gifts. Gifts that we often take for granted. Go to your loved ones tonight and tell them- REALLY TELL them how much you love them. Hug them, REALLY HUG them and let them know how much they mean to you. Because the reality is you may not get that chance tomorrow. My tomorrow may be taken away from a heart condition, that is a fact I have to live with EVERYDAY, but any tomorrow for anyone could be taken without warning without that preparation. I don’t want to lose my son, losing him would devastate me beyond explanation but if, God forbid, something happens I will have some comfort knowing that he knows how much he was loved and wanted. Even at 6 months old he knows-  can you say the same! Please take time for the ones you love! Christy ~As always please keep Tristan in your prayers