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Wikis in Education

posted Feb 2, 2010, 8:35 AM by Trisha O'Connor
I was really interested in this week's reading about Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is a wonderful thing.  I honestly do not think there is a day that goes by that I do not look at the website.  Most of the time I am searching trivial things, like a celebrity's age or forgetting the name of a movie in which an actor was.  However, sometimes I do use it for educational purposes.  Of course, I realize that, just like any source of information, Wikipedia needs to be handled with a grain of salt.  I would never site Wikipedia in a research paper, but I have used it to get an overview or a little idea about a certain subject.

I love the ideas of using wikis in education.  Like others in the discussion board have said, I feel it could really benefit learners that do not always participate in class.  I feel that in almost every class, there are always two to three students that a teacher can count on to always participate and contribute.  While others may not because they are lost or not paying attention, I am sure there are students that have a lot to offer but are afraid to voice their thoughts or opinions.  Wikis can make a great digital classroom for discussions and collection of information for the class.

Last night, I had my first experience with adding to a Wikipedia entry.  I decided to add to my alma mater, Bayonne High School's Wikipedia page.  Bayonne High School has been used in many entertainment productions, and it surprised me that none were mentioned.  I went on and added these entries :
*Some scenes from the [[Nickelodeon]] television show "[[The Adventures of Pete and Pete]]" were shot in Bayonne. Scenes that took place in Wellsville High School were shot in Bayonne High School and P.S. #14. *The 1996 TV show "[[Matt Waters]]" starring Montel Williams, with Williams portraying a fictional high school teacher, was filmed almost entirely in Bayonne, with scenes shot at Bayonne High School. *The music videos "Someday" by [[Mariah Carey]] and "Popular" by [[Nada Surf]] were filmed on location at Bayonne High School. *The 2006 film version of "[[Strangers with Candy]]" shot scenes taking place at Flatpoint High inside Bayonne High School. *It is currently featured on every episode of [[MTV]]'s High School Stories: Scandals, Pranks & Controversies. *Bayonne High School was featured in scenes of the 2002 film [[Swimfan]]. *A MTV short-commercial was shot on location at BHS's surrounding campus. *MTV's reality-show "[[True Life]]: I'm A High School Senior" filmed at Bayonne High School in early 2003, during which it followed students Lauren Wanko and Angela Torres. *The school was used as a filming location for the 2009 film [[Assassination of a High School President]].

I was super excited and even went on facebook and twitter and asked my fellow Bayonne High School gradates if they could think of anything else. While some comments were not Wikipedia worthy, I did receive more facts and I plan on compiling them and posting those as well. However, I felt discouraged this morning when all but three of my entries were deleted. Did anyone else experience this? As of this entry, I have put my information back on, so let's see how long this lasts. Please let me know if they get deleted again.