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Yule Class Information

Tentative Yule Class Schedule: 
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7:30 pm New Comers Class - Canceled
                   Next scheduled New Comers Class available on Saturday morning.

9:00 The 40 minute Shirt, Chemise, or Gown (Limit 10)
                    Instructor: Lady Lucrezia Sarta di Napoli (Sandy Wheeler)
                    Description: This class will teach you how to make a shirt, chemise-gown using rectangles and take only 40-60 minutes from start to finish.
                    It may not be absolutely period but I have used this pattern and it is functional and simple to make - even for the novice.
                    Additional info: Student should bring a couple yards of muslin or your choice of pattern fabric and a scissor, if possible. Limit 10.
10:00 New Comers Class
                    Instructor: JuliMai 
                    Description: New to the SCA or just want a refresher? This class is just for you.
11:00 Brewing
                    Instructor: Scott
1:00 Spinning Wool
                    Instructor: Sof'ia Zherenskaia
                    Description: Learn to spin wool using a spindle.

2:00 Elizabethan Drama
                    Instructor: Loreli (Tammy Madden)

3:00 Heavy Weapons Class
                    Instructor: Duke Baldar
                    Description: This class will take place on the field after the heavy weapons tournament

4:00 TBA

8:00 Dance into the night (Time may vary due to feast)
                    Instructor: Instructor: Loreli (Tammy Madden)
                    Description: Class for period dances