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Shire Notes

posted Aug 28, 2011, 3:00 PM by ShireOf Trisel
Greetings to each and everyone of you!

Today we had our Shire Moot at Lakes Park - where we had a new potential / (pretty much) new member Scott joined us. Welcome once again Scott! 

Revel: Due to funds, we are canceling the Revel that was slated for November. We are going to focus on making Yule a weekend to remember! And speaking of Yule, we are requesting anyone willing to get dirty and work - to please arrive at 9am, November 19th, at the "Ranch" (Warrin and Margery's) for cleaning of the stable for Yule. 

Gatherings: They're back! To spread the work load of hosting, we are trying to rotate the gatherings. If you would like to host, please feel free to drop your name. The first gathering will be held September 9th at Lady Lucrezia Sarta di Napoli (Sandy Wheeler)'s house. On September 30th, Mark and Susan Saladini would like to invite everyone down to our house for the September meeting on the last Friday September 30th 5pm till whenever.Will need your full mundane names if you plan on attending so you can get in the gate. PM Susan for address and directions. Sorry no room for fighting but A&S projects are very welcome. 

Awards: At today's Moot, there was a discussion about having recognition in three areas (Art/Sci, Combat, and Service). We need help coming up with names for these awards. Discussions are still happening about how we are going to present these awards as we are a small shire (hint hint - get more people involved) and don't want to minimize the recognition for those individuals who earn these awards. What we are looking for is - Fellowship of the Orange Blossom (for Service) etc etc. 

Order of Precedence: We are going to have the Order of Precedence on our website. Could those who have earned awards that can not be found on the Trimaris master list, please contact with those awards. While the Chronicler knows most of the persona names, but everyone please send your mundane and persona name to as well. 

Upcoming Events: 

Sept 2-5 - Fall Coronation at Camp Ocala

Sept 9 - Shire gathering at Lady Lucrezia's

Sept 11- Southern Trimaris Fighter Practice / Revel at Broward

Sept 24 - Sea March Anniversary - Moose Lodge

Sept 30 - Shire Gathering at Mark and Susan Saladini's 

Oct 22 - Carpe Atres! (Regional Art/Sci) - Sangre del Sol

Nov 19 - Work day at Warrin and Margery's for Yule

Ardan O Raghailligh (pending submission) 
Jon Steele