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March 5th Shire Meeting Notes

posted Mar 27, 2012, 10:36 AM by ShireOf Trisel
Oyez Oyez - Start of the meeting
1. Word has spread that Nekbet,  a long time Trimarian, passed away (murdered). There will be a memorial at Coronation for those wishing to attend.
2. Coronation - April 6-8 (Easter Weekend) Looks to be a good showing from our Shire who will be attending.
3. Gulf Wars - Wished a safe and fun War to those that will be attending.
4. Beltaine - April 27 - 29
    Meet the week before to start preparing
    Need help during the weekend - Troll, Reservations, Servers / Clean up, Site Clean up
    We will be having 2 Handicapped port-o-Johns
    Archery will be on site
5. Monies from Yule -
    Due to Kingdom / Bank account issues - those that payed for Yule via check, will need to pay in some other form than check. The Exchequer is working hard to resolve the issues. 
6. Shakespeare Festival
    It was brought before the Shire whether or not we wanted to have a more active role in this production. Talks about whether or not we could sell items and what we would do for the production - Wyllam is going to contact the Festival to find out the answers.
7. Blacksmithing
    Steve Kalb is looking to meet the weekend (April 21st) before Beltaine to do a blacksmithing class. More information as it comes available.
Oyez Oyez - meeting concluded