Sleep and Consciousness

This is the first page for the Sleep and Consciousness Lab

Set up: two 129 channels EGI amps plus PIB for polysomnography. Two electrically and acoustically shielded rooms.

Here is the list of projects running now in the Lab.

People (links to follow):

Srivas Chennu (Posdoc collaborating with us)
Valdas Noreika (Wellcome Posdoc)
Moos Peeters (PhD Student)
Corinne Bareham (PhD Student with Tom Manly)
Alejandro Herrera Aceituno (neurologist/neurophysiologist)
Andres Canales Johnson (master, future PhD)
Stanimira Georgieva (Master)
Eleonore Peres (Master with Srivas)
Paola Finoia ( McDonell posdoc for Disorders of Consciousness)