1983-1999 Acting classes.

1990-1999 Drums and percussion classes.

From 2001 Secretary and cofounder Asociación Civil CienciaLibre (FreeScience). NPO created to promote scientific projects.

2000-2005 Co-organizer of the Neurodinners, Neuroscience talks located in different pubs in the City of Buenos Aires.

2000 Field Researcher in the project Time and physiology in Mapuche Indians. UBA y U. Nac. de Quilmes.

2004 Scientific Coordination of The Basement of Perception . Buenos Aires Piensa 2004.

Student affiliate, 2004 – 2007 in the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness Student Committee.

From 2004 Co-organizer of the Consciousness and Cognition Group, Buenos Aires.

From 2007 Associate editor www.parisconchicos.fr

Since 2008  Outreach programmes in Cambridge and UK, talk and workshops about hands-on science.

The Neuroscientists have a-where-do-you-come-from tree, here is mine

2012   a Workshop: Art and Neuroscience on the 12th of October 2012 that I organized. It was great.

I became an independent scientist when I got this

I have been writing commentaries on Consciousness books lately:

Koch's confessions

Dan Bor's Ravenous Brain

Robert Provine's Curious Behaviour