Grants and Prizes


    2011  Wellcome Trust Young Research Investigator Fellowship. CBU, 2011-16, Cambridge UK.

    2009 MC Donnell fellowship. Cognition and Brain SciencesUnit, 2010-2013, Cambridge UK.

     2009 Marie Curie Travel and traning Fellowship. ESRS 2009, 2010 and 2011. Bologna and Klosters Seeon.

  2007 Marie Curie Incoming Fellowship. Cognition and Brain SciencesUnit, 2008-2010, Cambridge UK.

  2006 Fondation Fyssen Posdoctoral Fellowship. To investigate in Inserm U652 cognitive neuroimaging unit, Paris.

    2005 IBRO student travel grant. For the scientific study of Consciousness X Meeting. Oxford, UK. June 2006.

2005 SPR travel Grant for Latin American Psychophysiologists.  Society for Psychophysiological Research Lisbon, Portugal.

2005 European Union Programme of HighLevel Scholarships for Latin America. WBIC and CBU,  Cambridge University.

2005 Fellowship for Advanced PhD Students Scientific and Technical Research National Council, Argentina.

2004 Antorchas foundation Grant. For minor equipment and visiting A. Owen Lab 2004/5. MRC-CBU Cambridge University.

2003 Antorchas foundation Travel Grant (July 2003) to work in the Cognitive Brain Unit, University of Cambridge.

   2003 Raul Carrea post-graduated Fellowship. Cognitive Neurology Section, Raul Carrea Institute.

2003 AVINA Group Student Fellowship to attend the Meeting of Nobel Laureates. Lindau, 30 june-4 de July 2003.

2000 Undergraduate Summer Fellowship (july-september 2000) Chronobiology Lab, Toronto University.

2000- 2002 Fellowship for Outstanding Students (Antorchas Foundation). Master thesis. Chronobiology Lab. U. of Quilmes.

1999 Raul Carrea Undergraduate Fellowship. Neuroimaging Lab, Psychiatry Department, Raul Carrea Institute, FLENI.

1999 CRC Foreign Student Fellowship to attend to B.R.A.I.N.S. Neuroimaging Course.  University of Iowa, USA.