Welcome to the cybercorner where we will start building up a group together!!
We will be shaping this site using information and photos from the web..., but very respectfully! How to do this?
Here is the answer: browse for the information you need and RESPECT the author: pick up IDEAS and ellaborate your own, by reading different sources.
Before we set out we need to get familiar with the places we will visit, so each of you will be sharing a page with another traveller. Each page, then, will have TWO or THREE editors, who will be in charge of uploading photos, images, maps and all kind of useful data that they believe the group will find useful for our trip together.
Before we start our trip we will have collected very interesting material for all of us to read, so that this previous knowledge will help us enjoy our trip much more!!



  • This site allows users to collaborate on the data provided, uploading information, images, links to sites, files and more.
  • It’s VERY important that you DO NOT copy and paste long chunks of information, but just proper names, and then re-phrase or change the structures in the data you read on other sites, to add it to your page.
  • Each of you will have a page to work on, one page will be shared by two or three of you.
  • You’ll see your names beside the name of the cities we will all need to know something about: London, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool and more. We need to know more about them all before we visit them. 
  • Click on your name and take a look at the page where you'll upload information about your city.
  • You’ll need to EXPLORE your page and understand how to EDIT it, and also decide that what you add is interesting and useful to ALL.
  • To be able to do this, do a search (or different searches!!) to see what you get for the city you’ve been allotted.
  • CHOOSE the information, the images and all links you come across using a sensible criterion, always remembering that all others in the group will have to find your information useful, interesting and appealing.
  • Make sure that what you will include in your page together with your other two mates is what you think will be important to know about when we visit the place personally. And that all your other trip mates will find your postings interesting!
  • Once you have chosen your material, EDIT it the way you like, the page is YOURS. Make it a nice page to look at.
  • If you have any questions, add them to the “Comments” at the bottom of EACH page.
  • This means that you’ll also be able to see how your partners are doing.
  • ENJOY the experience, we have already started travelling!

We will vote for the most appealing, useful page you have managed  to produce, and there will be a prize for the winner/s during the trip!!!