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Tim Hartley

Tim Hartley is a part of the beloved Clydesdale division of our Tri-ProSoap team...but you would never guess it!

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Prairieman half in 07'


Metroplex Sprint

Disco Triathlon

The Tri-Rock



Hartley is simply thankful to still be physically able to compete!  Maranatha!



NAME: Tim Hartley aka "Rocket"

BIRTHDAY:           ,1965


LOCATION: Rockwall, Texas

HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEIGHT: 220 lbs.

DISTANCE: Primarily Sprint & Olympic 

STRENGTH: Even In All Three Disciplines (eats hills for breakfast)

ALTER EGO: Criminal Defense Attorney 

HARDWARE: Guru Crono, Dura-Race, Zipp 303's or 404 Front/Sub-9 Rear

BIO: Hartley grew up playing a variety of sports and went to college to play football.  During law school, Hartley picked up rugby but quit because of multiple concussions (played the game too much like football).  After law school, spent 7 years as a professional steer wrestler.  Met his wife, Alison, a runner, and the rodeo days were over!  Moved to the Rockwall area 5 years ago and at the suggestion of the great Mason Randall, began doing triathlons.  Has completed numerous sprint races and a couple of Olympic distance races.  Completed the Prairieman half in "07.