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Scott Schuster  



    2009 Triathlons

  - May Rockwall tri 11th in age

  • June Metro tri 9th in age
  • July Iron Bro. tri 10th in age
  • July Craig ranch tri 9th in age
  • July Blazing Saddles Du 6th in age
  • August Two White Dogs Du 3rd in age
  • August Wurst Tri New Braunfels 2nd age
NAME: Scott Schuster 

BIRTHDAY: September 8, 1963  


LOCATION: Heath, Texas 

HEIGHT: 5’10” 

WEIGHT: 175 

STRENGTH: Bicking  

ALTER EGO: Mechanical Engineer, Technical Sales 


4 to 5 Sprint Triathlons

  • 2 or 3 Olmpic Triathlons
  • Half Marathon
  • End year with a Half Ironman


Scott is new to triathlons.  After falling out of shape from the effects of the corporate life, he began riding bikes to get back in shape.  This soon became competitive then hanging out with the Rockwall Cycling crowd led to trying the triathlons and then he was hooked.  Current goals include working up to a half marathon and half ironman within the next year or so.