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Scott Ervin



- Tri- Rock (
- U.S.Open sprints,Turkey Trot 8-mile.
- 2009:Too cold to hold5k.


St.Patricks Day sprint
- Classic Rock sprint 
- Big D half-marathon
- Cap-Tex sprint
- Summer Solstice duathlon(2nd clydesdale)
- Disco Olympic
- River Cities sprint
- Tri-Rock sprint
- DRC half- marathon

NAME: Scott Ervin

BIRTHDAY: May 22, 1964


LOCATION: Heath, Texas

HEIGHT: 6'0"


STRENGTH: Competitiveness 

ALTER EGO: Tooth Doctor 

HARDWARE: 2008 Orbea Ordu, Zipp 404's & 2008 Specialized Elite Allez

Bio: I ran my first 5k in the spring of 2008 on a dare from some friends. Jason,of Rockwall Cycling,saw me running one day and convinced me that I needed a bike to help me get in better shape and so I purchased my first road bike in June of 2008 and with no swimming background I reluctantly entered the Tri-rock as my first sprint. Following a near swimming disaster at the U.S.Open sprint triathlon(Ha-Ha), I decided to amp up my training in an attempt to keep up with all these young fellows on this team. I have 4 young children and a high toned wife that keep me busy when  I'm not able to train. I credit Ross, Hartley, Curreri, Brother-n-law Bartlett, and others for introducing me to this sport and I am looking forward to several 2009 races.