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Retired Racers

Retired from competition and racing, these team members are still very much a part of the Racing Team.
  • Castor, the Greyhound - 9 races in Corpus Christi.  Retired in 2006.  After racing, Castor now resides in Fate, Texas.



Katie & Billy Self

Breed: Greyhound
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 29, 2004
Loved Since: 2006
Hometown: Fate


Sleeping, Eating, Whining, Sleeping, Making a huge mess with my water bowl, Curling up by my owners' feet, Sleeping, Rearranging my toys around the house, Counter-Surfing, Rolling around in the grass, Sleeping, Scaring off Solicitors at work, Dreaming about my old racing days, and Sleeping.

Favourite Parks:

Harry Myer's Park baseball fields, The Dog Park by White Rock Lake.

Favourite Treats: ANY!!! Tartar Control ones, RawHide, Little Tiny Bone Biscuits, Plain Fat Free Yogurt.
About Me:


I'm a retired racing Greyhound. My racing name is John Daly and I trained and raced around the Gulf Park area. I ran and ran and ran, but never won a race :( They said I was clocked at 45 mph, but my heart just wasn't into racing...I really enjoyed playing, sleeping, and getting my rub downs. One day I was taken to the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, they took amazing care of me, cleaning my teeth, cutting my nails, bathing me, they gave me all my shots...they did, however, take my manhood away so I wasn't sure how to feel after that, literally. But then one day I met Billy and Katie, I wasn't sure what to think of them, they were awfully nice and gave me rubs and treats though. Billy and Katie call me Castor, apparently it's something from ancient Greece, the "Protector of Sailors" or something, they're cute. They also gave me a nice BIG bed, toys I could call my own, and Billy took me to his work each day so I didn't have to hang out by myself...but I wasn't sure how long this gig would last, I mean, I've moved around so many times I can barely remember all the "owners" I've had. But after so many months of lovins, kind words, treats, and trips to the park, I've come to realize that this is finally my home. I've finally won.


Trip Lee - Our Junior Racer - Going to college! 

  • D.O. Slam Hammer, AKA "Hammer" -  Hammer is the most recently retired member of with a AA Class racing record, with over 75 races completed.  Now residing in Fate, Texas.
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