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Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis

Sunnvale TX

Hot Wife: Pam Lewis MS RD LD Aerobic Instructor

5 Ironmans, 8 half IM, Sprint Triathlons, (1) 100 mile ultra and other ultra runs, Multilple Marathons including White Rock, NY, Boston, Pennsylvania, Phoenix; Road & Crit Races(Bike), and weight lifting.<> (Tri Racing Team)<> (Road Racing Team)
Ran cross country and played tennis in high school but was not good. I think the coaches had pity on me and let me on the team. Love to water ski, snow ski, and swim in open water.

Love community with all:

I go to CLife<> in Forney and love it. We are some "real" people there. Does that make sense? If not, just come visit

I have 3 beautiful kids; Caleb(6), Abigail(4), and Asher(1) so that is why I'm retired from IM's.

I work for<> and I'm a sales rep there. I work with apartment owners and management companies to lease washers and dryers in their apartments.

Interesting facts you might not no and may not care to know:

Use to be a volleyball coach and use to try to play, always up for a great challenge or bet (like climbing a 40 ft. palm tree and did it with bleeding forearms and legs), I'm a quarter Choctaw Indian, love reality tv, movies, love to travel, swimming is my worse of the 3 but that is how I met my wife...she was a swimmer and the pool I went to go swim at to train for my first tri she gave me some tips and we were married 7 months later.

I don't have any pets but my son has been begging for a snake so I'm trying to get warmed up to that. son ran the Turkey Trot 5K in 30:20 so hopefully there's a future there. :)

Look forward to getting to know the team better this year and racing together.

"Good is the enemy of Great."