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Chandler Rainey

Chandler Rainey - Quintana Roo


Chandler starting doing triathlons when she was 14 years old. With not many girls her age interested in tri’s back in 2000, she easily won her age group time and again.  In her fullest triathlon season of 2005, Chandler was ranked 3rd in the nation by USAT in the 18-20 age group.  Now taking a leave of absence from the sport to concentrate on studying in medical school, Chandler plans to return to the sport as an MD ready to treat triathletes and keep them healthy and running strong.  Chander was the first triathlete to use ProSoap to remove racing numbers off her body and she swears by it!


Clint Rainey - Specialized Allez -  Team Journalist, Columnist, Writer and Editor.