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Bryan Schopmeyer

NAME:  Bryan Schopmeyer 

BIRTHDAY:  February 2, 1977 

USAT AGE:  32 

LOCATION:  Dallas, TX 

HEIGHT:  6’ 4” 

WEIGHT:  185 

STRENGTH:  Running 

ALTER EGO:  Management Consultant 

HARDWARE:  Aegis Trident 

BIO:  I was born and raised in Indiana and moved to Dallas in 2001.  I started running 5Ks and 10Ks after college and eventually moved up to marathons.  After tiring of marathons, I let Tri-ProSoap team members Greg & Heather Diamond talk me into doing a triathlon and I was hooked.  Since my first race in 2004, I’ve completed many Sprint and Olympic distance races, two Half-Ironman races, and the 2006 Ironman Arizona.  After taking a couple of years off to attend graduate school, I’m looking forward to racing again in 2009! 


Chicago Marathon (2002, 2003, 2004 & 2007)

Dallas White Rock Marathon (2003)

Austin Marathon (2004)

Buffalo Springs 70.3 (2005)

Big Kahuna Half-Ironman (2005)

Ironman Arizona (2006)

Try-Paris Triathlon (2005) – 1st place age group; 2nd place overall

Texas State Triathlon (2005) – 5th place age group

Stonebridge Ranch Triathlon (2004) – 4th place age group (Olympic)

Athens YMCA Triathlon – 3rd place age group